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Vector Series Bed
Canopy Section
Number of lamps 34
Lamp power 16 lamps @ 200 watts
18 lamps @ 160 watts
Lamp type 16 lamps 9K90 F79 by Cosmedico
18 lamps 9K90 F71 by Cosmedico
Facials cassettes 3
Facial lamp power 500 watts each
Facial lamp style Heraeus vertical (single ended)
Facial reflector Glass & Focused Alloy
Facial filter single stage, metallic high efficiency

Bed Section
Number of lamps 30
Lamp power 200 Watt/each
Lamp type 79" long 9K90 by Cosmedico
Ballasts Cosmedico choke
Ballast tray 2 trays under the bed section

Electrical & Cooling
Power input 15 kW @ 220 volts
Input voltage 220 volts
Breaker size 100 Amp single phase
Amp. Draw
76 Amps @ 220 volts
Cooling bench lamps 1380 cfm mixed air
Body cooling high output blower at the foot
Canopy Lift Gas springs (manual)
Warranty 12 months on the parts except; lamps, ignitors, filters, lifts
Timer Digital 7 minutes max T-max included
Recommended room size 8 ft by 9 ft
Time schedule 7 minutes max. at 220 V input by FDA
Bed size Length = 90 inches
Width = 59 inches
Facial filter removal/lamp replacement time 20 seconds per cassette
Blue neon accent light on the front panel
Stainless Steel gas spring mounts.
Kick plate

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