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The ultimate in side body tanning as ‘convex’ acrylic
allows user’s arms to lay lower and away from the
body,permitting for better tanning of side of the body.
User is not required to turn over during the tanning
session due to the 360°coverage of its 39 lamps

Number of lamps: 24 HP Quartz lamps
Lamp configuration: 4 rows of 6 lamps
Lamp power: 500W at 220V
Lamp type: Heraeus Vertical-single ended
Reflectors: Glass & focused alloy
Filter: Single stage, metallic high efficiency

Number of lamps: 15 HP Quartz lamps
Lamp configuration: 3 rows of 5 lamps
Lamp power: 500W
Lamp type: Heraeus vertical-single ended
Reflectors: focused alloy
Filter: single stage metallic high efficiency
Ballasts: 400W bed section

Power input: 19KW at 220V
Input voltage: 220V
Breaker size(single phase): 100AMP (single phase)
Breaker size(three phase): 70AMP (three phase)

Body cooling: 12 fans side console(1260 cfm)
Ballast cooling: 345 cfm
Cooling HP lamps: 2100 cfm (exhausted outside)
Air conditioning

Canopy lift: Gas springs (manual)
Bed acrylic lift: 2 gas springs
Timer: T-max built in the console
Exposure time: 10 minutes max
Room size: 9 ft by 9 ft
Bed size: length = 90 inches, width = 62 inches
Acrylic: 1/2" thick convex shaped

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